Air jet cleaning machine

Air jet type Washing / Cleaning machine

Air jet cleaning machine are the machine used to clean bottle with air. bottle are travelled inverted and supported by guides , air is applied from botton and impuries are cleanned from it . 



Type of airjet bottle washing machine :

1. On basis of technology : 

- airjet bottle washing machine 

- pick and place type airjet bottle washing machine 



Advantage and disadvantage of Airjet cleaning machine : 

-> Advantage of airjet cleaning machine. 

1. This series of machine used compressed to clean bottle.


-> Disadvantage of airjet cleaning machine. 

1. Bottle loading in machine is done manually , and bottle are cleaned inverted and output of bottle is in inverted stage. 

- To solve this provide pick and place airjet cleaning machine are avialable 





Sailent Feature

 Total cGMP model easy to use 

 Totally made of S.S. Pipe structure with adjustable screws for height adjustment.

Entire frame covers & non contact parts made from SS 304. .

 Require less installation space.

 Total 6 Station Air washes composed of Air and vacuum.

 High capacity blower suck the minute particle from bottle, ensure good cleaning of bottles

Technical Specification



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