Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine are the machine which are used to apply sticker on bottles like glass bottle , pet bottle . they are also use to apply sticker to jar , contanier , and similiar things 

N.K. INDUSTRIES provide a wide and high quality range of sticker labeling machines since 2000. 

Sticker labeling machine comes a wide range like semi automatic sticker labeling machine , automatic sticker labeling machine , high speed automatic sticker labeling machine , sticker labeling machine with rejection , sticker labeling machine with batch code printing and etc . Sticker labeling machine can be customized with different requirements . you will find more about sticker labeing machine on this page and websites 


Type of sticker labeling machine : 

1. On basis of technology 

- Self adhesive sticker labeling machine : used to apply label on bottle like pet bottle ,glass bottle , in round or square shape . 

- Double Side Sticker labeling machine : this series of machine are used when there is label on both side of bottle , 

- Shrink sleeve labeling machine : labeling is applied on bottle and then heated it . 

- Wet glue labeling machine : this series of machine also require glue and setting of glue which require experince operator 

- Bopp labeling machine : less glue is require then self adhesive sticker labeling machine but is hard to operate 


2. On basis of speed : 

- semi automatic sticker labeling machine 

- automatic sticker labeling machine 



you can find more video on out youtube channel for sticker labeling machine :

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Sticker Labeling Machine

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Sticker Labeling Machine



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