Automatic Lug Capping Machine

Automatic Lug Capping Machine.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of lug capping machines . We offer a wide range of lug capping machines , Our range for lug capping machine start from semi automatic machine which can dilever speed upto 20 - 30 bottle per min to fully automatic lug capping machine upto 16 heads which can dilever speed upto 240 bottle per min. We also manufacturer pick and place type lug capping machines which provide higher accuracy of capping.

What are lug capping machine ? 

Automatic Lug Capping machine are also know as twist off cap capping machine. Automatic Lug Capping Machine are used for capping of glass jar , pickle jar and similar containers . 


Some of featurers of our lug capping machine are as follows : 

1. Starwheel with clutch mechanism. 

In starwheel with clutch mechanism , the starwheel of machine is equipped with clutch mechanism which when incase of the fallen bottle the machine starwheel will automatically cluted and the machine wont break the bottle. 



Type of Lug capping machine : 

1. On basis of speed : 

- Semi automatic lug capping machine 

- Automatic lug capping machine 

- automatic lug capping machine like single head lug capping machine , four head lug capping machine , six head lug capping machine and etc 


2. On basis of technology 

- Shute type cap pick up system 

- Pick and place type cap pick up system

- this series of machine comes in four head pick and place type lug capping machine , six head pick and place type lug capping machine , eight head pick and place type lug capping machine , similarly 10 head , 12 head and etc 




Our youtube playlist for Lug Capping Machine video :


Sailent Feature

MGM varvel Gearmotor and Gearboxes 

Starwheel with Clutch Mechanism. 

Technical Specification

Automatic Lug Capping Machine 



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