Powder Filling Machine

N.K. INDUSTRIES offer a widest and largest powder filling machine . N.K. INDUSTRIES offers powder filling machinery for vial , bottles , or any kind of contanier. We offer powder filling solution for wide range of industries like protein powder filling machine for food and dry powder and dry syrup powder filling machine for pharmacetical industries. 

We can product from semi automatic solution to fully automatic packaging solution.




Type of powder filling machine : 


1. On basis of technology : 

- Injectable dry powder filling machine 

-- used to fill small dozes of powder like 100 mg , 200 mg and etc . Majorly used in pharma industries 

- auger type powder filling machine 



2. On basis of speed : 

- semi automatic powder filling machine 

- automatic powder filling machine : 

automatic powder filling machine also comes in opion like :

-- Single head powder filling machine 

-- Double head power filling machine and etc 





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Powder Filling Machine

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Powder Filling Machine

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