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Bottle capping machine are used to close the cap on bottle , jar , or similar container . bottle capping machine comes in a wide range of specification and customization . bottle capping machine is a general term. 


range of bottle capping machine includes machines like semi automatic bottle capping machine , automatic bottle capping machine . Automatic bottle capping machines also comes in wide range like single head , four head and etc .



Type of bottle capping machine :

1. On basis of technology :  

1. Screw capping machine :- refer when the cap has screw type tread like pet bottles of coca cola , and similiar . 

2. Ropp cap sealing machine :- is refered when the there is glass bottle and cap is made of aluminium . thiis kind of machine is used for whiskey bottle , olive oil glass bottle and etc 

3. Lug capping machine :- refered when machine is used for capping glass jar bottle , like pickel jar and etc 

4. Snapfit type capping machine :- refered when there treading like capping is not require like shampoo bottle 

5. Crown capping machine :- refered when there aluminium cap like pepsi bottle in which cap is crimped 

6. Linear Capping Machine : this series of machine have two belt at top conveyer which closes the cap on bottle 

7. Pick and place type bottle capping machine  :  capping machine : this series of machine have extra mechinism for picking up to cap and putting the cap on bottle , this allow more accuracy on capping. this type of machine are avialable on capping machines like , screw capping , lug capping , snapfit capping , trigger spray capping  


2. On bais of speed : 

1. Manual bottle capping tool : 

2. semi automatic bottle capping machine : In this series a operation is require which puts the bottle in the machine and collect it when capping is done.

3. automatic bottle capping machine : In autoamtic bottle capping machines can provide high speed like 40 - 240 bpm* depend the no of head you have like 4 head , 6 head , 8 head and etc 



 Our youtube video playlist for capping machines  :


Sailent Feature

cGMP Model 

99% capping accuaracy 

SS 304 body 

plc hmi system 

bottle counter 



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