Automatic Liquid filling machine

Automatic liqud filling machine.

We offer a wide range for liquid filling machines. Our range for liquid filling machine include machine like volumetric based liquid filling machine , flowmeter based liquid filling machine , perestaltic pump based liquid filling machine and etc . Our range for liquid filling machine start with semi automatic liquid filling machine to fully automatic liquid filling machine. We are one of the few manufacturers with more than 3 decades of experence for manufacturering liquid filling machines


Automatic Double head Volumetric Bottle Liquid filling machine Model NKLF-40 is suitable for Round Bottle, Flat shape Bottles & Glass Vials with maximum speed of 30 containers per minute. It works on volumetric principle where syringes suck liquid from tank and fill it in container. The output depends upon the various factors like nature of Liquids, Neck Diameter or Vial/Bottle and Fill Volume. For Container Sensing, it uses special background Suppression Sensor. The distinctive feature of this machine is “No bottle- No Filling”

Machine structure is made using AISI 304 and all contact parts with liquid are of AISI 316L. Machine is capable to fill from 5 ml to 500 ml in single stroke and above 500 ml can be handled with double stroke.


Type of liquid filling machine : 

1. On basis of technology : 

- volumetric Syrenge based liquid filling machine 

- flowmeter based liquid filling machine 

- perataltic pump based liquid filling machine 


2. On basis of speed 

- Semi automatic 

- Automatic liquid filling machine like 

-- Four head liquid filling machine 

-- Six head liquid filling machine 

-- Eight head liquid filling machine 

-- Ten head liquid filling machine 

-- Tweleve head liquid filling machine 






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Sailent Feature

  • Quite A Compact Design As Well As CGMP Model.
  • Machine Frame Made Using AISI 304.
  • Meticulously Designed Superior Slider Label Applicator For Better Label Alignment In Both Vertical And Horizontal Direction.
  • Specially Designed Reel Mechanism To Place The Roll.
  • Breaking Assembly To Avoid Variation During Releasing Of Roll.
  • No Change Parts Required For Label Size.
  • Tool Less Guide Rails For Easy Adjustment.
  • Least Change Part For Container Size.
  • TOP Press Belt System To Apply Axial Pressure On Containers To Facilitate Correct Label Application.
  • Auto Label Length Detection.
  • Accurate Label Dispensing.
  • 100% Non-Proprietary Electronics & All Electronics CE Certified.
  • Almost A Maintenance Free Machine.
  • Provision For All Type Of Online Batch Coding Like Ink Coder, Cassette Coder, Hot Foil Coder, SS Metal Stereo Box For Printing, Thermal Inkjet Printer.

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