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N.K Industries Is Forerunner Manufacturer & Supplier Of Range Of Liquid Filling Machine Based In Ahmedabad, India. We can provide a wide range of liquid filling solution. 

Automatic Liquid Filling machine are used for filling various liquid like water , juice , honey , etc in the bottle , jar or any container automatically. 

Our Range of liquid filling machiene start from semi automatic double head liquid filling machine for small production requirements to fully automatic liquid filling machine upto 16 and even more if needed for large production requirement. 

We also provide liquid filling filling machine with different technology. Our range of liquid filling technologies are following. 



Type of liquid filling machine. 

1. On basis of technology : 

Automatic Volumetric type Liquid filling Machine. : Automatic volutmetric type liquid filling machine are used to filling liquid like water , juice etc . It is also know as syring based filling machine as it has syringes in it. 

Automatic Flowmeter Based Filling Machine. : Automatic flowmeter based liquid filling machine is one the latest technoligies in the industries. It is more accurate than volumetric type filling machine. It is generally used to fill liquid like honey , oil etc. 

Automatic Peralistic Pump Based Filling Machine. : Automatic peralistic pump based liquid filling machine are used  to fill lesser volume like 1ml to 10ml . this seris provide higher accuracy for low volume filling. 


2. On basis of speed : 

Semi automatic liquid filling machine 

automatic liquid filling machine 





Sailent Feature

40 years of expirence 

widest range of liquid filling machinery 

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