Automatic Rotatory Gripper type Washing Machine

N.K. INDUSTRIES is leading manufacturers for automatic rotary gripper type washing machine. 

Automatic Rotatory Gripper type Washing Machine is machine which are used to wash vial , ampoule / bottle. In automatic rotary gripper type washig machine , the vial / bottle / ampoule are holded with help for gripper and then inverted and then washing process is been done , in total the bottle is washed 3 times with water , purified water ,  wfi water , and then cleaned with compressed air . which provide a high quality of washing for vial , ampoule and bottle. 


Working of automatic rotary gripper type washing machine : 

In automatic gripper type washing machine , Vials / Ampoules / bottle are holded with help of gripper and then inverter in rotary motion . When the Vial / ampoules bottle are inverter washing nozzel are inserted in it and with setable pressuer the vial are washed from inside with help of water & air . Firsty Vials / Ampoules / bottle are washed with dm water Then againg Vials / Ampoules / bottle are cleaned with air and then in 2nd cycle of washing , again Vials / Ampoules / bottle are cleanned with dm water and again they are washed with air and for 3rd cycle again Vials / Ampoules / bottle are cleanned with WFI water and air meanwhile at the start of cycle  Vials / Ampoules / bottle are also cleaned with external washes with water to clean the impurities on the outside of Vials / Ampoules / bottle  and towards end of cycle Vials / Ampoules / Bottle are cleaned with air to provide optimal cleaning and quick drying. 


This series of machine is used to clean vial , ampoule and glass bottle , pet bottle or similar container. this series of machine are mostly avialable in 120 and 240 bpm speed. 



 Type of Automatic rotary gripper type washing machine : 

1. On basic of speed :

- 120 , 240 and so on . Most commonly thier is 120 and 240 vpm models 

2. On basic of technology :

- Automatic gripper type washing machine 

- Automatic ultrasonic gripper washing machine : In this type of machine , the vial , ampoule or bottle are travelled through water tank so that the impurities floot from it . 



Other type of washing machine

1. Linear tunnel type bottle / vial washing machine. 

2. airjet type cleaning machine 

3. pick and place type airjet cleaning machine. 





Sailent Feature


  • cGmp model.
  • Continous motion washing system.
  • 3 internal water washing & 3 internal air washing & 2 external washing.
  • ISO certified wiring.
  • Water and air filter which cleans impurities from water and air 
  • Temperaturer tranmitter system 
  • Water tank to machine SS 316 piping 


Optional featurers :

Cfr 21 complaines 





Technical Specification

Automatic Rotatory Gripper type Washing Machine



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