Automatic injectable dry powder filling machine

N.K. INDUSTRIES is one of the largest manufacturers of injectable dry powder filling machine . We manufacture a wide range of injectable dry powder filling machine like automatic and semi automatic , we also manfuacturer injectable dry powder filling machine in different range like with rubber stopper or without rubber stopper and etc . 

Injectable dry powder machine are majorly used pharmacetuical industries for filling powder in small doses like 50mg , 100mg , 200 mg and etc . 


- Complete cGmp model
- Filling range : 50 mg to 2 gram in single dosing
- Customizable with rubberstoperring or Screw capping etc
- We can deliver speed upto 240 bpm


Type of injectable dry powder filling machine 

1. On basic of speed 

- semi automatic injectable dry powder filling machine 

- automatic injectable dry powder filling machine like 

-- single head injectable dry powder filling machine

-- double head injectable dry powder filling machine

2. On basis of rubber stopper 

- with no rubber stoppering 

- shute type rubber stopperring 

- pnematic pick and place type rubber stopper 

-- 4 head pnematic type pick and place 

3. On basis of weight check wear 

- for checking smaple of vial 

- 100% vial checkweigher system 




Sailent Feature

  • Compact Footprint Where Different Modules Like Turntables, Filling And Rubber Stoppering Are Assembled As One Unit With Minimum Space Requirement.
  • Entire Transmission Of Machine Is Helical Gear Driven, Which Impart Long And Trouble Free Operation.
  • CGMP Design.
  • Highly Precise Powder Dosing System Based On Vacuum -pressure.
  • Simple, Fast And Repeatable Changeover.
  • Positive Vial Transport System I.e. Vial Separator Guide Vials Through Module Like Filling, Stoppering Ensuring They Remain Upright During Transport.
  • Parts Come In Contact With Sterile Powder & Rubber Stoppers Are Of AISI 316L.
  • Multiple Dosing Of Injectable / Sterile Powder Or Changeover Of Container Size And Different Fill Size Is Possible By Just Changing The Vial Separator Or Size Of The Piston Respectively
  • “NO VIAL NO FILL” Scheme Eliminates Wastage Of Costly Powder.
  • Special Delrin Conveyor Belt To Avoid Sticking Of Vial On Conveyor.
  • All Electronics Are Of CE Certified.
  • Autonomous Pneumatic Circuit I.e. Vacuum And Pressure Circuit.
  • Vacuum Filter Of 10 Micron And Air Filter Of 2 Micron.
  • The Electrical System Of The Equipment Is Being Housed As Per CGMP And CGEP Standards With Adequate Safety
  • Digital Vacuum And Pressure Switch For Monitoring Vacuum And Air.

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