Automatic Tunnel type washing machine

The Series of Automatic Bottle washing Machine (Tunnel Type) contain various models & Particular Model can be selected according to output requirement. Output speed is available from 60 bottles per minute to 300 bottles per minute.

The Automatic Bottle washing Machine (Tunnel Type) can work with a variety of round bottle like Glass, PET and HDPE with minimum format parts. These models are equipped with 5 internal washes and 2 outside washes in order to guarantee e complete washing / cleaning. Internal washing done with various entities like Compressed Air, Re-circulated water & DM Water. Outside surface washing done with Re Circulated water & compressed Air.


Type of Tunnel type Bottle washing machine : 

1. On basis of speed :

- 60 bpm 

- 120 bpm 



Sailent Feature

cGMP model 


Technical Specification



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