Automatic Six Head Pick and Place type Screw Capping Machine

This inventive series of Automatic Multi head pick and Place Rotary Screw capping machine is extension to conventional shut pick screw capping technology. Here the Machine is equipped with specially designed two CAM systems with one cam lift the cap precisely and other CAM places that cap perfectly on bottle thus allow nearly 100 % Screw capping. The Series of Automatic Multi head pick and Place Rotary Screw capping machine contain a range of models according to number of screw capping head like 4 head, 6 head, 8 head. Particular Model can be selected according to output requirement. Output speed of this series is from 100 containers per minute to 220 containers per minute.

Series of Automatic Multi Head screw Capping Machines are being integrated with astounding safety features like “safety clutches” at star wheel system and feed worm, “No Bottle No Cap system” & “Automatic cap feeder on off system” & “Magnetic hysteresis clutch head”. Depending upon type of Screw cap / closure, machine can be integrated with Mechanical cap feeder orientator or Vibrator Cap feeder. As an alternative, waterfall type elevator also available for mass storage of Screw cap. Machine can be made available with Toughened glass safety cabinet or Acrylic Glass safety cabinet as optional for safety feature. It can work with wide shaped of container like Round, Square with least formats part. All Screw capping models are being made using AISI 304 and aluminum alloy for trouble-free maintenance and long life.

Sailent Feature

  • CGMP Model, Compact Model & Modular System.
  • Parts Coming In Contact With Bottle / Screw Cap Are Made Out Of AISI 304, Good Housekeeping
  • Single Motor Synchronizes Conveyor, Star Wheels And Platform Turret.
  • A Special Safety Clutch Devices Are Being Integrated On In Feed & Out Feed Star Wheel System For Stoppage Of Machine In The Event, Vial Is Over Turned.
  • A Special Background Suppression Sensor Stops Machine Automatically In The Event, There Is No Screw Cap In Delivery Chute.
  • Electro-pneumatic No Bottle – No Cap System.
  • Two Cam System Which Controls Cap Pick Up Assembly And Cap Release Assembly
  • New Innovative Magnetic Hysteria Sealing Head For Capping On Bottle With Incorporated Clutch System.
  • Various Cap Feeding Option Available Like Vibrator Feeder System, Mechanical Cap Feeder Orientator Or Water Fall Type Elevator.
  • Fast Format Changeover From One Size Of Container To Other Size Due To Use Of Custom Designed Part.
  • Distinctively Designed Position System Prevents From Cap Being Jammed.
  • 6 Digit Precise Counting Arrangement Helps To Manage Production Process.
  • Outfitted With Emergency Button For Safety Concern.
  • All Electrical & Brought Out Items Are Of CE Certified.


Technical Specification


Machine Name

6 Head Pick And Place Screw Capping Machine




Left To Right

Production Rate

Up To 120 Bottle Per Minute For 50 Ml Bottle

Electrical Supply

1 HP For Main Drive
0.25 HP For Orientation Unit

No Of Screw Capping Head

6 Head

Auto Cap Pick Up Ratio


Qualified Capping Ratio


Power Requirement

440 V ,3 Phase (4 Wire System ) 50 HZ

Height Of Conveyor

Adjustable From 800 To 850 Mm

Bottle Dia

22 Mm To 80 Mm Max

Bottle Height

55 Mm To 200 Mm Max

Screw Cap Dia

22 Mm To 52 Mm Dia Cap
(with The Help Of Change Part)

Dimension (L X W X H) Mm

1830 X 812 X 1900




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