Special Automatic Measuring Cup Placing Machine- Helmet Cap

The Special Automatic Measuring Cup placing machine- Helmet Cap Model NCP-120H is used for applying Helmet cap on IV Bottles in pharmaceutical companies. This machine can deliver speed of 120 bottle per minute. The machine is equipped with specially designed twin track vibratory feeding system to handle the complex helmet cap.

Sailent Feature

  • CGMP Model, Compact Model & Modular System.
  • Machine Frame Made Using AISI 304.
  • No Bottle - No Cup / Cap System & Machine Will Be Stop.
  • Minimum Format Parts Are Required For Linear Movement Of The Bottles.
  • Machine With Totally Synchronized Front And Back Bottle Holding Belt With Top Stabilizing And Pressing Belt System.
  • Specially Designed Vibrator Feeding System.
  • Minimum Change Over And Setting Time
  • Hopper Can Be Completely Dismantled For Easy Cleaning.
  • 6 Digit Precise Counting Arrangement Helps To Manage Production Process.
  • Outfitted With Emergency Button For Safety Concern.
  • All Electrical & Brought Out Items Are Of CE Certified.

Technical Specification



Bottle Size

Diameter Up To 85mm* Or Other Shape Bottle With Proper Base

Bottle Height

250 Mm* Maximum

Measuring Cup / Cap Size

22 Mm ,25 Mm ,28 Mm ,32 Mm


230V A.C Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) With A.C. Drive


1 H.P.

Conveyor Height

850-900 Mm

Overall Dimensions

1800 Mm (L) X 800 Mm (W) X 1900 Mm (H)

Speed :

Max. 100 To 120 Bottles Per Minute


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